You live in Gmail, right?

Maximize your primary communications tool, unleash your noCRM potential.

Say goodbye to delayed responses and missed chances to convert leads into revenue. Empower your sales team to take immediate action and capitalize on every email interaction. Experience the power of timely and contextual responses.

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Use Certalink for noCRM to turn emails into sales

Streamline your noCRM lead creation.

Create leads at the source and reclaim time for selling


Effortlessly create leads from your inbox

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching tabs or copying and pasting information.

When you open an email, CertaLink instantly populates the sender and email fields in your noCRM new lead automatically.

Spend less time on manual data entry and more time closing deals. Let CertaLink handle the details so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

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Certalink for noCRM leads cards

Remain focussed on your noCRM leads without leaving Gmail

Even though you are in Gmail all day, your leads remain front and center.


Experience the power of CertaLink’s Gmail sidebar to supercharge your productivity.

Get a snapshot of your progress while you wait for that important email. Whether it’s organizing your noCRM leads or staying on top of your tasks, CertaLink keeps you in the loop. Say goodbye to missing out on important updates – stay connected and never miss a thing.

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Certalink for noCRM inbox view

Merge your two most important selling tools into one selling machine

noCRM and Gmail is 1 + 1 = 3


Full control of your leads while in Gmail.

Take full control of your leads right from within Gmail. Access comprehensive lead details, update next actions, set close dates and probabilities with ease. Leave comments and seamlessly @mention your team for efficient collaboration.

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CertaLink for noCRM lead detail